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Epona is Adult Link's horse. You can use her to ride around Hyrule field much quicker. She can also jump over the broken bridge at Gerudo Valley, and is your only means of finding Big Poes.

To get Epona follow these steps:

1 - Learn Epona's Song. As young Link talk to Malon in the horse corral in Lon Lon Ranch any time after meeting Princess Zelda. Talk to her again and show her your ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.

2 - Become adult Link and get at least 70 rupees.

3 - Talk to Mr. Ingo outside the corral at Lon Lon Ranch and pay 10 rupees to ride the horse. Instead of getting on the horse provided, play Epona's Song and Epona will run up to you. Ride her around the corral to practice. Wait until the time is up.

4 - Talk to Mr. Ingo again and pay to ride again. Play Epona's Song and get on Epona. This time, walk up to Mr. Ingo while on Epona and use Z Targeting to talk to him. He'll challenge you to a race with a 50 rupee wager.

5 - Win the race against Mr. Ingo. He'll challenge you to a second race. Win again and you'll get Epona.

6 - Use the A button to get Epona running really fast and jump over any fence to escape the ranch.

Race Tips: Racing Mr. Ingo can be tough. Here's how to win. Hold forward on the control stick as soon as the race begins. Use 1 carrot (push A to use a carrot) and wait for it to come back before using it again to keep up with Mr. Ingo. Hug the fence and wait for him to move out of your way. Then use up all the carrots you have EXCEPT ONE to speed up and pass him. Then wait until a second carrot appears and use it, then keep doing this to keep ahead of Mr. Ingo. NEVER USE YOUR LAST CARROT! Just keep using the second-to-last carrot. If you use the last one you'll slow down big time and lose.

Tip: You can play Epona's song whenever you're on Hyrule Field now to summon her to you. You can also now wake up Talon in the house in Kakariko Village to get him to return to the ranch, and then talk to Malon while riding Epona to try out an obstacle course and win your own cow.

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